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Interpersonal skill and tact are critical to successful managing, cooperating, selling,    problem-solving, and other aspects of one's work. All employees need to know how to build and encourage productive relationships, even in the most difficult of human relations situations. This workshop presents a system built on understanding and two-way communication that gives participants the skills and problem-solving abilities for strengthening their interpersonal effectiveness. Special attention will be given to handling difficult people and diffusing emotional stress. Participants will learn proven methods for finding rational solutions to all types of interaction problems.

Who should attend

Designed for all types of employees. Content may be addressed to the specific needs of a given population.


  • The communication skills cycle
  • How to read personalities and communication styles
  • Confronting the stress of difficult interactions and building composure
  • Calming irate people
  • Persuading, establishing credibility,selling, and negotiating
  • Winning cooperation and reducing friction among co-workers
  • Criticizing and constructive ways to say no
  • Employee resistance to change
  • Motivating employees who have negative attitudes


Participants will complete the course with the skills to:

  • Find the right thing to say at the right time in the right way
  • Read different personality types and body language
  • Improve their persuasion skills
  • Defuse personality conflicts and co-worker tensions
  • Maintain composure in stressful human situations
  • Apply logical processes to resolve personnel problems
  • Handle emotional outbursts and irrational behavior in a professional manner
  • Analyze and resolve communication breakdowns
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